Saturday, June 8, 2024

Doctor Who: Rogue Review (Ups & Downs)

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The bird people looked silly to me.  The story recycles previous stories, like Captain Jack, the family of blood, and the death of a companion. It is not that original. 

I still found the episode entertaining.  There is a chemistry between the Doctor and Rogue.  Having the doctor sing "Pure Imagination" is completely out of character, but magical nevertheless. 

Why would the doctor give up his screwdriver when his death is imminent?  The whole situation bothered me.  The Doctor is joking when he is about to be destroyed.  He needed to convince his captor to spare him. 

I have been watching Doctor Who for 50 years.  Had they made a new science fiction series with a gay Rwandan, I would have been fine with it.  However, when they say that this isn't your grandfather's Doctor Who, they are right.  Most of the time he doesn't feel like the same character.  He is too different.  It is almost a different show. 

However, this episode did feel more like classic Doctor Who.  If we get more episodes like this, it will win me over.

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