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How could someone making Star Wars misunderstand it this badly?

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 @thorskywalker  I accept the fact that you are never going to like this show.

However, it might be possible to read too much into a magazine article.  It may taken out of context.

Your dislike of the show seems to be partly based on predictions about where the show is going and what its agenda is.

So far, your negative predictions haven't come true.  The show hasn't been negative toward the Jedi in general, but it implies that a few individuals did something bad.

Granted, the last two episodes could be a cluster.   You could be correct.  

If Osha turns to the dark side without sufficient justification then I will find that disappointing.  I don't think that she will.

Although you state that the show is poorly written, I claim that the show is not as bad as you make it out to be.  Much of the problem is that the show keeps the viewer in the dark, but I have enjoyed the week-to-week anticipation.  (It is a bit of a soap opera, but even George Lucas referred to Star Wars as a family soap opera.)

Yesterday a friend approached me and asked if I had seen The Acolyte because he really loved it.  I told him that so did I.

It is easy to understand Mae's motivation and her so-called flip-flops.

1.  She turned to the dark side because she believed that the Jedi had killed her family and Osha.  (Although I'm not sure why she thought Osha was dead.)  She is motivated by revenge.

2.  However, when she found out that her sister is alive, she realizes that she didn't need to continue to take revenge.

3.  On the planet she is motivated by survival since she thinks that she is about to be killed by The Stranger.

4.  When Osha tries to arrest her, she perceives this as a betrayal and defends herself against Osha.

5.  She needs a way to get off the planet, so she pretends to be Osha.

6.  She thinks that Sol brainwashed Osha against her, and even says as much, so she seeks revenge against Sol.   However, she can't defeat a Jedi Master directly and needs to sneak up on him.  But when he perceives her presence she loses the element of surprise and backs off.

Mae appears to be a conflicted character, which makes her interesting, so she vacillates and hesitates a little.

Sorry we disagree.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Friday, June 28, 2024

Is the problem that some Star Wars fans don’t understand or care about the "story" of Star Wars?

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Hey Thor,

First, I love your analysis; your channels are my favorite on YouTube.

But I wonder if you have taken the wrong approach toward this show.  You seemed so concerned about preserving canon and the message, you appeared to be worried about this show before it started and formed a negative bias.   You make assumptions about the show's message and what it will say about the Jedi.

I previously said that it was too early to come to this conclusion.  I don't yet have reason to think that the show will say that the Sith aren't so bad and have some good points, or call into question if evil isn't really evil, or that the Jedi are responsible for evil.

But I can see why you think these things.  If your assumptions prove correct, and the show breaks cannon and/or blames the Jedi for evil, I will be forced to admit that the show is poorly written in the context of the Star Wars universe.   However, I don't yet know that this is where the show is going.  You very well may be correct, but my impression is that it will go in a different direction.

The cast and director made comments about the series that many YouTubers possibly took out of context.  They developed a negative bias before the show started.  I could be wrong and they were right to be biased against this show, but I am willing to let it play out and see where it goes.

I make these comments because I have really enjoyed the series.  If the show doesn't work for you, I respect that.  We disagreed on the quality of the first four episodes.  I felt that there was plenty there to hold my interest.  

A show lives or dies on the quality of the characters.  You stated that you had little reason to be interested in them.  I became invested in the characters which is a big part of why I have enjoyed the show, despite any flaws it might have.   My first impression left me a bit uncertain, but when I rewatched the episodes I got sucked into the story and the mysteries it presents.

You made comments about the vagueness of the series, but I expected the show to drag out its mysteries.

I hold TV series to an entirely different standard than I do movies.  I realize The Acolyte has a high budget, but it is still not as high as the movies.  It could be better, but not everything is going to be another Andor, and a halfway-decent TV show in the Star Wars universe is enough to be entertaining.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

"The Acolyte" Episode Five: A spectacle without substance


In the end, the show will either make sense or it won't. If some of Thor's predictions are true and the show breaks cannon, then I will be forced to admit that the show is poorly written in the context of the Star Wars universe.

However, I think the reason why I have enjoyed the series is that I haven't tried to 2nd guess and overanalyze where it is going, what its motivations are, and how it is all going to make sense.  I'm willing to wait and let it play out, especially since the show presents itself as a mystery. 

I already agree that it could be better, but I wasn't expecting another Andor or a Game of Thrones.  I didn't have high expectations.  For me, the show is good enough as entertainment. 

I am invested in these characters, especially, Mae, Osha, and Sol, which is a big part of why I have enjoyed the show. 

If the show doesn't work for Thor (and all the other YouTubers) then I respect that. People have different tastes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Acolyte" would be better (or worse) if it wasn't Star Wars? And many more questions...


5:45 The difference between Thor and me is that I have enjoyed the series so far.  The mystery has kept my interest.  

I am dumbfounded about why so many YouTubers hate the show.

Friday, June 21, 2024

The big flaw with the “move on if you don’t like it argument”

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Hey Thor, 

I don't have blind allegiance to Star Wars.  I don't know of anyone who does.  However, when every Youtuber tells me how bad The Acolyte is, I'm dumbfounded, because I have really enjoyed it. 

The Acolyte could be better, but not every show will be another Andor.  I realize it is not the best, but I enjoy it for what it is. 

The show has created a mystery that I assume will have a good payoff.  This anticipation has sparked my interest.  I could be totally wrong here, and the payoff might be terrible. 

I have an enormous investment in Star Wars that goes back to 1977 when I saw Star Wars around my 17nth birthday.  I just turned 64 and I am still deeply interested in Star Wars.  For this reason, I might enjoy a Star Wars series more than a different series of roughly equal quality.  I care about what happens in the Star Wars universe, and being part of that universe is part of what makes it entertaining. 

Best wishes, 

John Coffey

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Shelby Foote Reveals his FAVORITE Civil War General

Gettysburg Behind the Scenes: How Jeff Daniels was Cast as Chamberlain

How other shows/franchises do it so much better than Star Wars?

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I hear all the YouTubers claim that The Acolyte is bad and I am dumbfounded because I am enjoying what I have seen so far.  I get the impression that people don't understand what the show is trying to do.

I acknowledge that there are better shows and that The Acolyte could be better, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the show for what it is.  Not everything will be another Andor, so is it good enough?

Maybe the series will redeem itself for most fans, or maybe it won't.  

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Disney/Lucasfilm, maybe it's finally time to hear out the fans disappointed with Star Wars


Hey Thor,

If we are being honest, not all the hate toward The Acolyte is due to people thinking the show is poor quality although I am sure that is a major factor.  So many people feel "burned" by previous Disney girl-boss Mary-Sue shows that the moment they heard that it has a female lead and a gay director who made some controversial comments that were taken out of context, they refused to watch the show.  This is what my friends are telling me.  And those who feel so slighted are hyper-critical of it for its wokeness.  People have developed a knee-jerk reaction to anything that looks woke because they lump it all into the same basket as Captain Marvel and Rey.  The fanbase has built up resentment, so maybe the practical thing Disney should do is give us some classical male heroes which is what most people like.  There is still room for female heroes as there always has been. 

This is what happened to "Lightyear" which I thought was a pretty good movie.  Because it has a same-sex couple and a blink-and-you-will-miss-it lesbian kiss, there was a huge boycott campaign promoted by conservative talk show hosts.  The movie bombed because nobody watched it.  I tried to convince my friends to watch it, and they refused thinking it was too controversial.  People are reacting to what they hear instead of watching it and deciding for themselves.

I don't think that The Acolyte is bad.  I don't think that the third episode is bad for not revealing all of its cards.  We were told that the show's point was to have a mystery told from different perspectives.  I look forward to watching how the mystery plays out.  However, the show makes story-telling choices that don't sit well with the general audience. 

The Acolyte has enough of a budget that it could be better, but this leads to my second issue regarding Star Wars fans.  They expect perfection.  TV shows never have the same budget as major movies, and even The Acolyte has a lower budget than The Rise of Skywalker, so I am willing to give TV shows a bit more leeway.  I am just grateful that the show is entertaining even if it is not perfect.  Like you, I want it to be better, but that isn't always possible given the budget.  

For example, there was an outstanding George Lucas movie that was effectively turned into a TV show and nobody complained about the show being inferior even though it was.  The show was a huge hit.  The movie was American Graffiti and the show was Happy Days.

I would feel honored if you would comment on this. 

Best wishes, 

John Coffey

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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Doctor Who: Rogue Review (Ups & Downs)


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The bird people looked silly to me.  The story recycles previous stories, like Captain Jack, the family of blood, and the death of a companion. It is not that original. 

I still found the episode entertaining.  There is a chemistry between the Doctor and Rogue.  Having the doctor sing "Pure Imagination" is completely out of character, but magical nevertheless. 

Why would the doctor give up his screwdriver when his death is imminent?  The whole situation bothered me.  The Doctor is joking when he is about to be destroyed.  He needed to convince his captor to spare him. 

I have been watching Doctor Who for 50 years.  Had they made a new science fiction series with a gay Rwandan, I would have been fine with it.  However, when they say that this isn't your grandfather's Doctor Who, they are right.  Most of the time he doesn't feel like the same character.  He is too different.  It is almost a different show. 

However, this episode did feel more like classic Doctor Who.  If we get more episodes like this, it will win me over.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Robin Williams


The Acolyte' review: Latest 'Star Wars' series is just plain silly

I think that the show is interesting enough, but not particularly great. It has potential.


Doctor Who: Dot And Bubble Breakdown - 21 Easter Eggs & References!

Off to a good or shaky start? "The Acolyte" (Non Spoiler) Episodes 1 & 2 Review & Discussion - YouTube

6 hours ago
My first problem with The Acolyte is that the Disney+ streaming appeared low-resolution.  The scenes looked blurry.  So I found a different way to watch the program.

My second problem with The Acolyte is that the first two episodes don't feel that original.   George Lucas's Star Wars always felt unique, different, and alien.  The show takes us to several worlds that weren't that distinct from one another.  The story and the characters haven't wowed me yet.   I'm interested, but they feel routine.

The first few episodes of The Mandalorian felt much more unique and alien.  How is The Acolyte better than Kenobi?

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I'll wager it will be somehow worse than  Kenobi