Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Back to Formula? "The Bad Batch" S3 E4 Review & Discussion

This was starting to become my least favorite episode. The decision to go after the hound was in every respect foolish and the gambling plot didn't do much for me. How did they survive the shootout when clearly outgunned and the stormtroopers had the drop on them? It is like the show turns into the A-Team.

The ending redeems the episode somewhat. However, I would have preferred more interaction and acceptance of Crosshair. They shouldn't have just left us hanging. Sometimes that is useful for dramatic purposes, but it doesn't make sense here because The Bad Batch already expressed interest in rescuing Crosshair. I would have said, "Welcome back brother!"

I had imagined a scenario where Omega and Crosshair take a job to earn some credits, and inadvertently find themselves on the opposing side of their brothers who also took a job to make some credits. It would have been a heck of a reunion.  

I wonder if Sid is completely out of the picture, or if we will get a redemption story for SId?

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