Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Well that was interesting... "Ahsoka" Episode 6 Spoiler Review & Discussion - YouTube

1 hour ago
The entire "Ahsoka the White" plot seems like a ripoff of The Lord of the Rings, not that I mind.  It still makes for a good story.

2 hours ago (edited)
I have been unhappy with how the live-action characters look compared to their animated counterparts, and even more so with the live-action Ezra, who looks and sounds different than the animated Ezra Bridger.  However, I can live with it.  

Other characters that didn't seem to match include the Grand Inquisitor, and young Ahsoka.  However, the young actress gave a great performance.  I think that she should have her own series!

When Ezra complained about his rescue taking so long, I found it a bit odd.  He took Thrawn "far far away", and just so happened to have made a recording in advance saying that that he was going away.  It seems a bit implausible and contrived.  How did he know in advance that he was going away and needed rescue?  How was Sabine supposed to rescue him?  Can't Ezra make his own rescue?

It looks like I was wrong in my prediction that there will be a second attempt to find Ezra.  The live-action scene copied from Rebels had enough differences from the original that I read too much into those differences.

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