Saturday, May 21, 2022

Star Trek Discovery: How did it all go wrong? #RIPStarTrek

The problem with Star Trek Discovery is that much of it is good so we keep watching, but absolutely none of it is excellent.  Add to it a few political agendas that are in no way subtle, and you get a show that some people hate with a passion.  There is also little regard for continuity.  Star Trek Discovery shares all the same flaws of the Star Wars Sequel trilogy.  Both Star Trek and Star Wars already have played out their best ideas.  There are few new ideas, so we get much of the same but worse.  These shows are partial echoes of better shows that came before them.

The problem with Star Trek Picard is that it feels like a low-budget show despite them spending 8 to 9 million dollars per episode.   It has the same budget as Star Trek Discovery, but the product is barely passable as entertainment.  Occasionally it is okay but it barely rises above mediocre.

Neither of these shows has a season that I would want to watch a second time.  I've watched some classic Star Trek series multiple times, but there is nothing here that feels like it would be worth it.

Some people have lauded the new Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds, mainly because it doesn't suck. People applaud it for not being as bad as the two previous series.   However, I'm not sure.  So far, it is no better than Discovery and maybe has the same flaws.

In all these shows there is a serious lack of good characters.  Discovery comes close, but it is not on the same level as Star Trek The Next Generation or Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

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