Friday, March 26, 2021


Senet is the world's oldest known board game and is likely the precursor of Backgammon.  It is a game of chance where you try to reach the number one spot before your opponent, but you also have to get your other "pawns" behind your leading man.

Most websites admit that they don't know for sure what the rules were and that the rules probably changed over time.  I have heard that the game was based on a chariot race.

The game of Senet is featured in a last-season episode of LOST, which bookends the first episode where Locke tells Walt that Backgammon is the world's oldest board game dating back thousands of years.  He tells Walt that there are two sides, one light, and one dark, which we are lead to believe is maybe a reference to Locke being white and Walt being black, but this conversation actually foreshadows the final season which is a battle between the supernatural forces of good and evil.

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