Saturday, February 9, 2019

Delusional Star Trek Discovery Fans - RANT

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I'm sorry that you don't like the characters and think that the show is crap. Liking the characters doesn't make one delusional. I happen to like most of the characters (very much), which is the key to liking the show.

Calling Michael Burnham a Mary Sue seems unfair. Lately, any time there is a competent woman character people call her a Mary Sue. (Because the social justice warrior messages have been so pushed down our throats, this has created a hypersensitivity to this issue.) It is not like she has done nothing to earn her abilities. She was an orphan who had to grow up on Vulcun, which surely was an environment hostile to her human nature. She made a critical mistake with a fall from grace that she had to earn her way back from.

Michael Burnham is the hero of the show. It is normal for the hero to be able to great things. That is kind of the definition of a hero. Suppose instead of Burnham we had Lt. Commander James T. Kirk and left everything else the same? Nobody would be complaining. 

Compare Discovery to the recently disastrously bad Doctor Who. 

Pike is an interesting character. Also, any competent Captain would be open to the ideas of crew. He wouldn't make a potentially fatal decision without considering all possibilities. 

Enterprise was one of my favorite Star Trek shows because the human element is very good. The first season at times feels a bit awkward, but the show really found its footing. However, Enterprise lost out to Battlestar Galactica which is a far better show.

The ratings for Discovery have not been good enough to justify its cost. It is likely to be cancelled, and unfortunately we will lose a pretty good show. People gripe way too much over science fiction, because there is this syndrome where if something doesn't match people's preconceived notion of what it should be (Star Trek, Star Wars), then they complain bitterly. The sad result of this is that we won't get very many science fiction shows and we will be reduced to watching all the other crap on television.

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