Sunday, November 18, 2018

Doctor Who Season 11 episode 7. Spoiler free review.

When the Doctor Who series rebooted in 2004, it had a high quality about it that made it a really good show.  By 2010 to 2011 it was bloody fantastic.  Each episode felt like a special experience, and the stories were epic, with plots that would span entire seasons.

Now the days of brilliance are long behind us.  Episode 7 is my favorite of the season so far, but it doesn't even reach the halfway mark of what a Doctor Who episode could be.  The show has lost its exocticness.  So far we have had only had one episode on a spaceship with a menacing alien, which was good, but parts of the episode dragged on too long.  Most of the stories have centered around characters that are all too British.  Where are the alien worlds we used to visit?  Where are the interesting aliens?  Why is the music so dull?  There used to be great music.

If anything, the new season seems to be more about social commentary than alien worlds, and that is a problem.

In the past, the companion characters were reason enough to watch.  Doctor Who always had brilliant companion characters, except for this new lot.  This go around they gave us three companions instead of one, and they are likeable enough, barely.   They don't really add anything to the series.  

The show has also lost the great writers and producers it once had.  New people are running and writing the show, and the result is kind of ho-hum.  It also feels like they are making the show on a lower budget.  It is such a shame, because Doctor Who used to be one of the best things on television.


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