Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Doctor Who and Rosa Parks

So far the new season of Doctor Who is somewhat interesting,  but it greatly pales by comparison to the first season of Matt Smith.  The new season looks cheaply made, and this latest episode feels awkwardly executed.  However, almost anything is better than the first season with Peter Capaldi.

When Doctor Who first aired, all the way back in 1963, it was supposed to be a kids show to teach history.  With this latest episode, I wonder if that is what they are trying to do?

At least we got a new villain, which I assume is a recurring character.  However, this is very familiar.  In another time travel show, Tru Calling, we had an almost identical villain, which was a mysterious young handsome male time traveler, possibly love interest, who was trying to oppose everything done by the time traveling female lead character.  There is also the show Quantum Leap, where they introduced an evil female antagonist, and love interest, to oppose the time traveling main character.

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