Saturday, June 23, 2018

Star Trek Deep Space None

When I rewatched Star Trek Deep Space Nine recently, I skipped over a great many episodes. One reason is that my memory of seeing these shows from 20 to 25 years ago is still pretty good, and the other is that there is an overall story arc
and this was what I was primarily interested in. Most of the episodes don't touch upon the main story. but instead focus on a side story.

So I started watching the episodes I skipped, and I am surprised at how good they are. This is the kind of show that has a comfortable familiarity to it. It is relaxing to watch just an episode per night on Netflix streaming.

After 20 years what prompted me to watch this show again is that I remembered how much I enjoyed it. This style of program is a bit outdated, but the writing and acting is top notch. What made the show wonderful is that it had a wide assortment of great characters, many of which in the story end up being outcasts in one way or another.

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