Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Shannara Chronicles (on MTV)/The Expanse/Colony

After watching the two part pilot, I am lukewarm on the show.  It is somewhat interesting, but I am not sold yet on the show.  I am going to continue watching to see if it holds my interest.

A good show needs good characters.  This one feels like Lord of the Rings for millennials, and the millennial characters don't have that much charm.

Fantasy is harder for me to identify with.  Science fiction will instantly hold my interest because I feel like I could be looking at a possible future.  I have been watching a science fiction show called The Expanse, which I really like.  So far I only identify with the main character, but that is enough to make the show work.  I like Colony even better because it is a wonderful people drama like LOST or The Walking Dead.  Good characters make great drama. 

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