Saturday, November 14, 2015


The new CBS TV series Supergirl, and its main character, have an inferiority complex because the character and the series live in the shadow of the Superman character.  This gives the show a certain quality that has me scratching my head.  Is it suppose to be comedy?  Not really, but it does have comic elements.  This is a show that seems to refuse to take itself seriously.  Its main character, who supposedly has all the same powers as Superman, is this meekish young lady who is not sure of herself or her powers.  Which makes me wonder how I am suppose to take the show seriously?  This is suppose to be about an alien from another world, and what we get instead is Working Girl.  As far as science fiction goes, this is about a serious as Lost in Space.  

How is a flying woman suppose to wear a miniskirt and maintain any self respect?  It is obvious that they are trying to attract a male audience.  Some people are calling Supergirl a feminist show, but there is nothing about this show that is empowering to women.  Instead, I would like to see her wear a darker (and less cartoonish) full piece costume like in Man of Steel.

Is it possible that the producers know what they are doing?  The show has a certain campiness that is appealing.  In the 1960's, Lost in Space had better TV ratings than Star Trek.  For the moment, Supergirl is an amusing diversion that could potentially attract a wide audience.  But for me it feels outdated like it was made in the 1970's.  Remember Wonder Woman?

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